Hôtel Hovli Poyon


Hovli Poyon Hotel is located at the heart of the old town of Bukhara and nearby Gaukushon madrasah, 3 minute walk from the Lyabi Hauz ensemble. The hotel is situated in an old house of 19th century, with a big cozy yards and ayvans - a sitting area decorated in genuinely Bukhara style, reviving the atmosphere of old times. Travelers can easily explore on foot the monuments, museums, shops and historical sites from its central location. The hotels location is very good with just several minutes walk to all the major sights and buildings. The hotel is an old guesthouse that has been tastefully restored so that you feel yourself living in historic Bukhara.  The history of the place is fascinating. Hovli Poyon guest house itself evokes both a sense of history and culture. Staff of the hotel is kind, very helpful and speaks French or English.

The hotel itself is one of the historical landmarks of Bukhara and has its own interesting story. Construction works started in the middle of XIX-th century by the order of Kushbegi (military chief) Urganchi, one of most influential persons of old Bukhara in those days. As many people thought, the large house was intended to be the family home of that young bek (nobleman). Urganchi didn’t spare his money for decorations and comforts. When building was ready he organized reception to celebrate the event with Bukhara Emir invited as a guest of honor. Emir was attending cutting-red-ribbon ceremony and admired the elegance of new house, creative architecture, complexity of decorations and woodwork. Noble man was quick to respond that the house from the very beginning was intended to be bestowed to Emir to be one of his residences. This obviously pleased Emir Ahad-khan who took his caftan, armor and jewelry off and put it on Urganchi's shoulders as a gesture of his favors. Since then Hovli Poyon was considered as one of Emir's town residences along with Ark (Old Citadel).
Now this is a private very atmospheric hotel set around a vine covered courtyard with two floors of rooms. Though building is old hotel is well equipped with modern conveniences. It has grand ayvan and a huge courtyard with fruit trees. The massive gate is the visiting card of Hovli Poyon opens the entrance into the shady corridor, which leads through courtyard to guest room and hotel rooms

Accommodation at Hovli Poyon guest house
This guest house provides you with comfortable rooms: 1 single, 14 twins, 6 doubles, 1 triple - totally 22 rooms decorated with local ornaments. Guest rooms are fully decorated with antiques as well as handicrafts made by today’s master artisans of Uzbekistan. Clean air and quietness are good for rest. The walls and decorations are dyed using natural paints made of local ingredients (wood, silk, cotton). Combined with unique design, this creates a blend of oriental and European style.

Dining at Hovli Poyon guest house
Breakfast is very good. For your culinary delight, this guest house prepares a variety of national specialties as well as national, European and vegetarian dishes.