Hiking tour to the Omonqutan gorge (1 Day)


Forty kilometers south of Samarkand, the tract Omonqutan is located. This beautiful area of valleys and high mountains has attracted naturalists, nature lovers and travelers around the world from time immemorial. Through the tract lies a path trodden for centuries, which connects Samarkand and Kesh, as well as historical Bactria and Sogda in the past. It was the shortest way at all times. Caravans walked along it. Omonqutan is not a very large tract in the extreme west of the Pamir-Altai. Today you have opportunity to discover the part of the Pamir Alay Mountains.

Samarcande - Omonqutan- Samarcande

Today we drive to the valley of Omonqutan, 40 km away from Samarkand. There we go on a nice hike along the valley to the pass. We walk gently through the clay houses in the Kizyl Tourouk valley, a good encounter with locals. We slowly climb up the pass through the Bergbauer piste. We reach the plateau from where we have a panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks of Ghissar mountain range. We meet horses, sheep and goats running free upstairs. We walk on the ridge with a view of the plains of Samarkand and Schakhrisabs into the narrow valley, from where we ascend to the Takhta Karacha pass. Then we reach the pass. Our driver is waiting for us on the pass. We make the way back to Samarkand.

Walking time: 5-6 hours, altitude 1860 m, distance 16 km, ascent 600 m, descent 300 m

Leistungen inklusive:
  • ►Rundreise / Ausflüge sowie Transfer in klimatisierten modernen Fahrzeugen
  • ►Deutschsprachige örtliche Reiseleitung während der gesamte Reise
  • ► Eintritt in die Museen und Monumente laut Programm
  • ►Verpflegung (1x Lunch Box and 1 l Wasser)
  • ►Usbekistan Tourist Map

Teilnehmerzahl: 2- 12 Personen

Ab 2 Personen als Privattour zu Ihrem Wunschtermin.

Die Preise gelten für 2021 und basieren sich auf 2 Personen, mit ermäßigten Preisen für größere Gruppen auf Anfrage.


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