Discover the massif of Morguzor (12 Days)


An exciting journey with a visit to the most important cities of the Silk Road, their breathtaking cultural monuments, combined by the extraordinary mountain landscapes. You have a nice insight into the daily life of the local residents. During the trip we undertake a 3-day beautiful hike in the Morguzor Mountains and experience the fascinating mountain landscape and the unique flora and fauna. From the wide valley up we go to the mountain pass and enjoy a beautiful view of the snow-capped peaks of the Pamir-Alay Mountains. We discover the culture and tradition of the Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajiks, who live together harmoniously and peacefully in this mountain region. The focus of this eventful trip will convince you of the diversity of the country.

Day 1. Arrival to Tashkent

Welcome to Uzbekistan! When you arrive in Tashkent, your English-speaking tour guide will be waiting for you and warmly welcomed you. Together with your private chauffeur, you drive to the hotel, where you can first arrive in peace. Overnight at hotel.

You can devote your first day in Uzbekistan to the sights of the multifaceted capital. You will visit the Khasti Imam Square with the beautiful Barak Khan Medrese, the Tilla Sheikh Mosque and the Kaffal Shashi mausoleum made of simple brickwork. Here you can take a look at the Quran handwritten by the third Caliph Osman (644-656) We continue with a visit to the huge Chorsu bazaar, whose oriental smells and spices will transport you into the fairy tales of 1001 nights. In the afternoon you will continue your exploration tour in the modern part of the city and visit the Independence Square, Amir Timur Square. Overnight in Tashkent.

Today we drive from Tashkent to the Morguzor Mountains, mountains in the northern foothills of the Turkestan mountain range. The mountains are oriented from southeast to northwest. The highest point (Qizilchagat) is 2620 m and is separated from the Nurata Mountains by the Ilonotti mountain pass. We arrive in the Pishagor valley, which is an ecologically clean area. The valley has retained its original appearance and has a unique flora and fauna. The area of ​​the mountain is covered with pine and coniferous (juniper) forests, which are unique in all of Central Asia. We spend the night in the village of Pishagor with the host family. The village lies in a wide valley, very green and overgrown with many trees and bushes. A small stream meanders through the village. We discover the village and the inhabitants, their culture and tradition, way of life. In the village we visit the pilgrimage site of Hoja Serob Ota, which is located in the village right by the large stream and is visited by local pilgrims to be blessed there. We continue to take a short walk in the village to get to know the area and make contact with people. In the evening you can take part in a master class for preparing Tandyr Kebab in the clay oven. Overnight in the family house.

In the morning we make breakfast with local products. Then we continue briefly into the Pishagor valley. After we arrive, we start our first hike in the valley. The path is gently ascending between the rocks. Almond tree, hawthorn, wild rose and dog rose grow on the rocks. Before we go into the gorge with various shrubs and flowers, we climb the cave in the rock, which is not that wide, but very deep. We continue from the gorge up to the pasture. From above we have a beautiful view of the extensive plains of the Jizzakh and Zaamin region and the summit of the Morguzor mountain range, which is densely overgrown with juniper. We continue up the plateau along the deep rocky gorge, then we follow the path along the slope down into the valley over the juniper forest. From the valley we go up the gentle path to the pasture. Then we follow the path down into the wide valley, where there is a beautiful garden with pistachios and almonds. On the slope of the mountain, steppe candles, mint, rhubarb, hollyhocks, spotted poppies and ornamental onions grow everywhere. The path goes gently down into the valley along the small stream, where water only flows in spring. The valley is very green even in summer. Today we stay in the valley where we set up our tents. Overnight in a tent.
Height: 1410 m, ascent: 310 m, descent: 425 m, walking time: 4-5 hours, distance: 13 km

After breakfast we go gently uphill in the gorge dense with trees and flowers. The deeper we go into the gorge, we have a wonderful landscape with diverse mountain vegetation. Between the stones of the steep cliffs you can hear the loud voice of birds such as the chukar stone hen and nightingale. On the rocks you can see the nests of the booted eagle, which watch us from the sky. We take a short break at the water source in the shade of almond trees. When we come out of the gorge, we see a wide valley with the forest of juniper, where we also meet the herd of cattle and horses that freely graze there. Our path up meanders through the dense juniper forest. We walk gently up a mountain ridge and then the path continues along the slope to the Qizilchagat pass. Before we reach the pass, we camp at the water source, from there we have a beautiful view of the summit and the green valleys. You can enjoy this beautiful area. Overnight in a tent.
Height: 2100 m, ascent: 1140 m, descent: 0 m, walking time: 6 hours, distance: 11.7 km

In the early morning you have a good opportunity to watch the sun rise behind the mountains. After breakfast we quickly reach the Qizilchagat pass, from where we have an impressive view of the Turkestan mountain range and the snow-capped peaks of the Pamir Mountains in neighboring Tajikistan. Up in the pasture we meet the shepherds with their flocks of sheep. We slowly go down into the Sangzor valley, which is very wide and lies between the Morguzor and Turkestan mountain ranges. Wheat and chickpeas are grown in the fields in the valley. On the slope of the mountain you will see gardens planted with apples, cherries, apricots, mulberries and walnuts. We reach a narrow valley with a small stream that flows into the Sangzor River. We continue along the stream to the village. There we meet our driver. We're going to Samarkand. Overnight at hotel.
Height: 2260 m, ascent: 160 m, descent: 700 m, walking time: 5 hours, distance: 7 km

Capital of Tamerlane, the great city of the ancient Sogdiana, lies at the crossroads of the main trade routes from China, Siberia, Persia and the west. This step alone is an essential point in the journey to understanding the power of the Khan dynasty at that time. Be amazed by these amazing shades of blue over sights such as the famous mosque of Bibi Khanum, the Gur-Emir (tomb of ruler Timur and his descendants) or the famous Registan Square (XV century XVII) that are never indifferent to any traveler. Overnight at hotel.

Continuation of the sightseeing program through Samarkand. Today you will visit the Afrosiab Museum, once the heart of ancient Samarkand and now a unique archaeological city; the Ulugbek observatory (XV century), which tells the fascinating story of the little son Tamerlane; the tomb of St. Daniel and Konigil village, where you will learn about the traditional production process of paper from mulberries. You also have the opportunity to stroll through the oriental bazaar.

Today we drive to Schakhrisabs (former Kesch), the hometown of Tamerlane. We visit the "White Palace" (Ak-Saray XIV century), including the impressive remains of the portal offer a unique mosaic decor. Kok Gumbaz Mosque in the fifteenth century, the Gumbazi Seidan mausoleum and above all the Khazrati Imam Mosque are a reminder of the splendor of this city. In the late afternoon transfer to Bukhara. Overnight in Bukhara.

You will discover this city as "the pearl of the desert". It is a city along the Silk Road. The city is a true home of Islam in Central Asia that flourished for many centuries. The city is home to hundreds of Islamic schools and crafts of carpets and decorations. You will visit the Samanid mausoleum, Friday mosque, Bolo House, Ark fortress, mosque and minaret Kalon, Madrasa Mir Arab, Madrasas Ulugbek and Abdul-Aziz-Khan, cupola bazaars, etc. Overnight in Bukhara.

Around Bukhara there are other attractions that you should not be hidden. Your guide will let you in on the secrets of the summer palace of the last emir of Bukhara - Sitorai-Mohi-Khosa - and show you the Chor Bakr mausoleum and the Bakhauddin-Nakhshbandi ensemble. This tomb is visited daily by pilgrims and gives you an insight into the living Islam. Finally, you will return to Bukhara again. The rest of the day is up to you. In the evening transfer to the train station. Travel by train to Tashkent. Overnight in Tashkent.

Transfer to the airport in Tashkent. Here we say goodbye to the group. We have unforgettable memories. Flight home.

Services included: Services not included:
  • ►Round trip / excursions and transfer in air-conditioned modern vehicles
  • ►Train ticket “Afrosiyob” Bukhara-Tashkent express train in 2nd class
  • ►Overnight accommodation in middle-class hotels in a double room
  • ►2x tent,  1x homestay in Morguzor mountain
  • ►English-speaking local tour guide throughout the trip
  • ►Mountain guide for trekking
  • ►Complete camping and cooking equipment except sleeping bag
  • ►Accompanying team for  luggage transport during the hike through pack animals
  • ►Entrance to the museums and monuments according to the program
  • ►Meals (11x breakfast, 4x lunch, 11x dinner)
  • ►Uzbekistan Tourist Map
  • ►International flights (can be booked through us)
  • ►Tips
  • ►Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • ►The fees for using a camera in some of the attractions in the museums
  • ►Personal expenses

Number of participants: 2- 12 people
From 2 people as a private tour on your desired date.

The prices are valid for 2023 and are based on 4 people, with reduced prices for larger groups on request.

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